Welcome to Caravan Fantasia!

Our web-presence will be astonishing, just give us a bit time to program it.

Meanwhile take a minute to browse our recent projects:


(L)Only (2018)

MairiM (2017)



Pfote zum Glück (2017)

Production / Продукция:

MairiM * Arthouse-Independent Film, 21:21 min. / МаириМ * независим филм, 21:21 мин.

Pfote zum Glück * Webseries, 5 episodes / Лапа към щастието * уеб-сериал, 5 епизода

(L)Only * Satire, 6:50 min.

COS * pre-production, 102 min.


Concepts / Идеа:

Der Salon (Series, tba) / Салонът (сериал)

Globus Fantastico (Show, tba) / Глобус фантастико (шоу)

c/o Artist (cultural magazine, tba) / c/o ArtIst (шоу)


Керван Фантазия ЕООД (Caravan Fantasia Ltd.) is a production company based in Sofia, Bulgaria.