Rose Brushstick is a painter and artist. 24 hours before her big exhibition, the curator asks her to produce another 40 paintings, sculptures and images. She sends out her mute assistant Raser to find inspiring women to help creating these oeuvres.

This film was made within 24 hours. It is made by a female team, gathering together from 4 European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Germany and Hungary (Current residences – the countries of origin are even more!) The political issue was integrated and expressed through experimental camera-positioning.

2018/ 6:50Min.




Miriam emigrated and moved a lot of times, successfully supressing inner emotions and adapting to outer circumstances and systems. The ambitious broker ends up in a crisis as close people and real emotions fight back their space in her life. Where do I come from, where do I go and what will I take with me?
A film poetically showing a persons outer and inner life in two interweaving layers.


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